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Mission statement
Our goal is to ensure medications are optimized according to clinical guidelines and collaborate with other medical professionals while promoting healthy lifestyles in order to improve both the disease state and financial burden for our patients.



Are you seen by multiple doctors?
Monthly medication costs exceed $100?
Diagnosed with multiple chronic diseases?



Family or Caregivers

Providing services to patiens?
Increased knowledge of medications?
Family member recently discharged?



Health Professionals

Patients demonstrating nonadherence?
Lab values outside normal?
Enough time for medication review?


Medication News

MTM Highlights

  • Annual Savings +

    Medication Therapy Management (MTM), such as those provided at our practice, have been shown to possibly save, on an annual basis, around $1,595.
  • High Risk Medications +

    During a two year evaluation period in studying the benefits of MTM, the appropriateness of the patients medications improved and the use of high risk medications decreased by 25%.
  • Goals of Therapy +

    MTM services on a regular basis increase their chances of achieving their goals of therapy. Studies show that achieving goals of therapy increased from 76% to 90%.
  • Medication Related Problems +

    Over a 10 month period, MTM services were able to identify approximately 917 medication related problems. Approximately 80% of these problems were resolved.
  • Adverse Drug Events +

    The Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative (PSPC) reports adverse drug events decreased by 49%. In addition 54% of patients became under control.
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